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Google Ads in Huntington Beach

The wonderful thing about Google ads is that it’s so different than traditional print advertising or even television advertising. In traditional marketing you can target a demographic that might be likely to need or use your product. What is exceptional with Google ads or what used to be Google AdWords is that you can pay to advertise directly to someone who is actively searching for your product or service.


Instant Traffic

There are many great features and benefits to using Google Ads but one of the best is that you will have traffic the first day your ads start!


Trackable Results

Some companies don't even use conversion tracking. I set up advanced conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager, custom events and variables. Know the value of your conversion.


Faster Than SEO

Everyone loves the idea of free traffic but SEO takes time and there's no way around that. You do also need to pay the SEO expert with no guaranteed results.

Why you should hire a Google ads professional

Anyone can build a Google ads campaign it’s not rocket science. The difficult part is building an advertising campaign that is going to have the best conversion rate for your business. In other words you spend the least amount of money for the best possible result. That involves geo-targeting your demographic, good negative keywords, proper selection of keywords to target and good design with use of Google ad extensions.


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