Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rank higher on the Google search

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What I’m going to discuss here about search engine optimization is a very basic overview and some of my personal opinions. This is not a strategic map on what to do. It’s just an overview for someone who doesn’t know anything about SEO. For more detailed information feel free to call me anytime to discuss.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or search engine optimization are the techniques used to help your site ranked higher on a Google search. One thing that is very important to understand from the beginning is that Google does not tell you how to cheat the system. Google does have “best web design practices” that they share and I follow as any good web designer would.

Black hat SEO

This would be any technique used to trying cheat the Google search algorithm. Many people try to cheat the system and some succeed in most fail. I personally believe that the risk outweighs the reward here. If Google catches you trying to cheat the system you can be removed from the Google search entirely.

Understanding Google’s SEO Perspective

Google has held the number one spot for many years because it provides the best search results for any search. So if your website is the best result for a search you will be on the first page of Google. So what is the best result? That is where following Google’s best website practices comes into play. The website should look good on any device, load fast and have lots of good text and images. There’s a lot more that goes into but those are some important basics.

Will my website rank for all Google searches?

Many people call me and want to rank for thousands of keywords and to be honest that’s a ridiculous goal. It’s better to be on the first page of Google for three different key phrases then be on 10th page of Google for 20 keywords. I hope that makes sense but people usually don’t go to the second page of Google let alone the 10th page. Start with very focused and targeted keywords that are relevant for your business and will convert to new clients.