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Our Web Design Process

Every web designer has their own process. We have refined our process to be very efficient and provide excellent and results for our clients. What it comes down to is really good communication, honesty and experience. We work really hard to listen to our clients and understand in their words what it is that they want to build. We then advised them on best web design practices as well as the pros and cons if they choose to deviate from those best web design practices because ultimately it is your website and the client is always right. As far as the actual process of building the website we use the rapid application development method which never requires any long meetings and continuously improves and refines your website for excellent results.


Web Design Budget

We have been in business since 2003. Like any small business we know what it was like to struggle in the beginning. We always treat our client’s budget like it were our own trying to never waste money or time. We know that when our clients are successful we are successful. Our goal is to always be the best value in web design even when compared to international web design companies. Since we have a low overhead and do all the work in house we still haven’t found a web design company that can compete with our value.

Web Design Timeline

We manage around 160 clients monthly. In order to do that well we use a project manager, plan well and always finish our work on time. The truth is we usually have to wait on our clients not them wait on us and that’s okay because we're here to help you and work on your schedule.

We do our very best to not waste your time. If you need to invest too much time in building your website then you’re getting pulled away from dealing with other aspects of your business and we know your time is important. We know what questions to ask and how to make the design process fast and easy for you. We have a flexible schedule, provide online meetings, video tutorials and we're always available via phone and email.


Best Value in Web Design

We take pride in everything we do and give 110% for each of my clients. We're not a fortune 500 company but if you compare our work to other web development agencies Green by Design Marketing will usually cost 70% less and still build a better quality site. Our average budget is from $1800 to $2500. We also have the experience of completing a few large projects that were over $8,000. Some other companies that we have been compared to start at $10,000 minimum to build a website.


Next generation Web Management System.

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Strategic Web Design for the Future

Some things knowledge is enough, others require wisdom. To be a Webmaster requires experience because some things can only be understood through experience. We have had the good fortune to build many websites over the last 20 years and work with many brilliant developers and designers who have helped us improve and grow. When we talk for the first time we know the questions asked and how to help you build a website that is going to serve you in the future. It doesn’t mean you will never need to rebuild your website. It does mean that we will stay on schedule, your website will do what you wanted to and you won’t have surprise expenses at the end of the website launch. With our experience we have not gone over my estimate in over seven years.


Website Support You Can Count On

I received phone calls every week from companies that their web designer, web developer or marketing company either isn’t answering their phone or will no longer make changes to their website once it’s built. I think that is completely wrong. As long as you will have me I will support your website and your business. I charge $50 per month which includes hosting on my dedicated server and support. I do everything from security updates and patches to helping you understand your website report such as Google analytics or Google Webmaster tools. I am constantly updating myself with new technologies so whatever help you need with your website I can most likely help you. If you don’t have your own in-house web developer or online marketing director it’s probably the best $50 a month you’ll spend.


With over 20 years experience GBDM Marketing can help your business start and continue to grow by converting traffic into customers. Over 15,000 customer conversions in the past year!

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Conversation Tracking

Actionable Website Reporting

Are you getting business from your website? When we say that we don’t mean how many visits are you getting to your website, we mean are you actually getting business from people finding you online. Many business owners that we talked to don’t know if their website is helping their business at all. By creating useful reports as well as asking the actual customers either over the phone or on your intake forms how they found you. You will be able to find out which people are converting to customers. Are they coming from a Google search, if so what was their search? Did they come from social media? Was it free or paid advertising? Are you paying for Google ads and not getting any business from it? If you’re going to spend your time and money on the website and/or advertising you should make sure it’s working.

Marketing Your Website

Some business owners think that once you build your website you will suddenly have a ton of business. Sadly that is not the case if not we would be millionaires. Once your website is built we will submit your sitemap to Google as well as other search engines. But that is just the start, there are many ways to market your website to get relevant traffic which will ultimately convert into customers. You can learn more by visiting my online marketing page or calling me to discuss.

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If you are just starting your business or looking to grow, we can help you with Web Design, Conversion Tracking, Google Ads & everything else you need to succeed.

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There are excellent reviews everywhere because we're very good at what we do and will always tell you the truth. We're here to help your business succeed with our extensive marketing experience.

Green By Design Marketing

12 Reviews

Ruby N.


Jason's work is the best! we were having trouble in the past with our website and the person we were working with at that moment was not getting us anywhere. For months kept dragging out the process. Finally we came upon Green by Design Marketing and once Jason began working he was able to get our website back up and running in just about a week. Jason is quick and efficient. Anything we throw at him he will try to help us with and we are very satisfied with his work. needless to say that we are going to continue to work with him in the future as we attempt to perfect our website further.

Green By Design Marketing

12 Reviews

Stephanie G.


I had the pleasure of working with Jason and Green by Design Marketing for several months revamping the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce website. We started with the express goal of getting our site more modern and user/mobile friendly. One of the most important things with working with a web developer is rapport. Jason is incredibly responsive, willing to offer guidance, and able to explain every step of the process. Our site was a beast of a project as he worked through the logistics of our database and integrated it to the site. Couldn't have asked for a more standup guy with whom to work.