Web Development

PHP, Javascript (Various libraries), liquid and a few other syntax

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Web Development

What is web development?

Many people don’t understand the difference between web design and web development. I’m not going to bore you and explain in a technical way. But it is important that you understand the difference. What it means to you is that a web designer would handle how the website actually looks. The colors, typography, layout, etc. the web developer has to work with more complicated code and deals with how things actually work or function. What it means to you as a client is that I can build whatever website you want to obviously within reason but it’s more a matter of time and money. If you work with someone that only does web design and no development they’re not going to know how to edit or add any functionality to your website so then you’re going to have to hire someone else. Whereas I work with everything from the Web server to the front end design of your website.

What kind of web development do I typically work on?

I utilize as much open source as possible in my work and I do that to save my clients time and money. We are very fortunate to have a very strong community of open source in the world that works together to solve problems and make extraordinary solutions that would otherwise be impossible for most small businesses to afford let alone the time it would take for a single developer to create. That means typically I will work on editing and customizing open source software for the needs of your business. I want you to understand that if your goal is to compete with Amazon you will need a team of people and and Amazon budget. So far there has never been a need that I haven’t been able to come up with a solution.