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Web Hosting & Support in Huntington Beach

What Is Web Hosting?

I want you to consider something before I explain what web hosting is. If you don’t know what a Web server is you really should not be choosing what Web server you are going to use. A Web server is a computer or more accurately a Web server connected to the Internet that will process and deliver web pages to the Internet. Every Web server will run its own operating system and software. I have my Web server set up for speed and stability. Like any work computer there certain software that you need for you to be able to work. In web design and web development there are different versions of PHP and PHP handlers as well as many other modules that will greatly affect the security and performance of your website. I think it’s also important to remember the rule that you get what you pay for here as well.

Website support in Huntington Beach

One of the most important concepts I personally believe about hiring a professional is that they know answers to questions that I will never ask. I really believe in that statement “you don’t know what you don’t know”. When it comes to website support every month my clients utilize me to help improve their website in both content and performance as well as helping them navigate the online marketing landscape.

Do you know everything about online marketing?

One other important aspect of website support is my many years of experience working with many forms of online marketing. When someone calls you to tell you they have the latest and greatest marketing platform, you are able to call me as a second professional opinion to help validate if it’s a scam or it’s going to make your business grow.