Pacific Solstice

All work done by Jason Landau in Huntington Beach, CA


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About the Company

Pacific Solstice emerged from the vision of four clinicians. Dr. Evan Fewsmith sparked it all. After five years under Dr. Fewsmith's leadership, Pacific Solstice LLC was sold to its current owners, Narges Maududi, Britten Devereux and Brianna Riddlebarger. Although Dr. Fewsmith is no longer a part of daily operations, his passion for restoring health to patients of all ages illuminates the new ownership's core value: family. Dr. Fewsmith continues his clinical work with veterans and his private practice patients.

Website Features

  • Joomla CMS / PHP
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Bootstrap / Fontawesome
  • Html, js & css compression
  • Responsive Web Design