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One of the marketing strategies that has a very good return on investment is remarketing. This form of online marketing is very effective because your targeting people that you know already have interest in your product or service. The tricky part to run a good remarketing advertising campaign is to target not anyone who just visits your website but people that are likely to make a purchase. For example if you have an e-commerce store rather than remarket to anyone that visited your website you might want to target people that added a product to their cart but didn’t actually make a purchase. It’s more likely for them to make a purchase on your website then someone that might have been on your website for just five seconds.

Remarketing with a Plan

While remarketing can be more complicated than the basic set up of a Google ads campaign or a Facebook ads campaign it still not terribly complicated to understand. You add either a Facebook pixel or Google ads code to add users that visit certain pages on your website or do certain events that show they are a potential customer and that code adds them to your remarketing audience. What matters isn’t how complicated it is to set up but that you are re-marketing to the right audience and where they are in order to have a good conversion rate.
Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss if a remarketing campaign would be good for your business.